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the Heroes

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The amazing work you do in the North West is changing lives and we want to help you do more.

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Partnering for growth.

Funding is essential to any charity but it takes more than that to grow successfully. With the backing of Arete Capital Partners, a multi-family investment office led by a team of successful entrepreneurs and investors, we offer support and guidance to our long-term partners to help them navigate the challenges of growth.

Striving for lasting, positive change.

For change to be meaningful, it has to last. Instead of focusing on short-term outcomes which stifle scale and create unsustainable margins, we’re committed to providing funding that leads to sustainable growth or room to breathe. We want every programme to create a chain-reaction of positive change across the North West.

Advancing your mission.

Every charity we help has a different challenge. For some it's about expanding to help more people. For others it's about keeping the lights on to continue their work. Whatever it may be, they each have a mission that sits at the heart of their operation. By helping them to address their challenges, we want our funding to help them advance their mission.

Will funding and support help you make an even bigger impact in the North West?